Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Age of Idea

Dear visitor,

I didn't write to this blog since April, because I was quite busy in trips and different kind of conferences. But them most valuable thought(s) I heard yesterday. There were few world-wide recognized men on AgileEE, who as I believed were steering the world of Agile. We were talking about generating and evaluating new ideas. I was especially active at this topic following the principle

listen more, speak less, write even less

I have heard many valuable thought regarding this topic, but one thought which was exposed by Mr. X was outstanding. I suddenly realized how complements it all I knew before and understood that now I am possessing something really brand new, something that never was expressed before.

When do idea come?

J. B. Rainsberger after this conference told that ideas never come over night, or they really can after 20 years of a hard work. Another guru named Davis Hussman told that brilliant ideas difficult to recognize as long as you haven't started them. I would like to rephrase what he said:
How many musicians can take note sheet and say "This is gonna be a good melody" before playing it. And there are as few people as people who can take a look on specification and say "This is gonna be a good product!"

And the most interesting thing Mr. X told me after the conference personally:
Normally there is just one good idea comes to single person in a lifetime. Days when there were people who was capable to generate million ideas are gone. I saw you got excited about your new idea, so guess you should stick to it, dedicate some web-site, blog, seminar, try it for some project ...

Yes, people, know I have an idea. My time is comming!