Monday, 7 April 2008

Agile experience in complex projects

    Recently I've taken small break to rearrange my knowledge and experience gained in quite difficult projects that I have last 2 years. The mainstream of this period is continuous attempts to apply agile approachs in our team. Upon a time my endeavour ceases to look endless: We really indeed can be agile! (it's not obligatory so popular SCRUM).
    Recent XP camp in Kyiv (Thanks so much to Naresh Jain) and works of Gojko Adzic (I wish I knew that man earlier) made me strong believe that even our heavy project can be more "agilized".
    Presentation "Agile experience in complex projects" is an excerption of ideas I embrace about software development and particularly about project management. Of course, it was technically infeasible to look so broad topic through all aspects, but my purpose was to give an overview of subject, since I met so many IT people that never experienced problems like that, especially if they never participated big teams.

Q: How did God manage to create the world in 6 days?
A: Well ... there were no previous versions to maintain backward compatibility with.

    My presentation's focus is so called complex project. I've introduced this term myself, meaning following:

    Distributed enterprise application
    Distributed team in locations and cultures
    No solid corporate culture
    No men, who know entire system

    Few people among our community have already investigated problems and got the conclusions pretty close to mine.
    Although I've caught chill 2 days before, I hold presentation confident and quite successful. Questions of attendies discovered even more topics for future research.
    I heard question requesting patterns and antipatterns for agile-oriented project management. Although I like antipatterns very much (It was my first presentation at my host company) I didn't intend to discover "patterns" in this presentation. But the question is still very leading indeed: probably next post I'll devote to discovered antipatterns for project manager in my model. I do have a plan.