Monday, 9 March 2009

Internet dog

    I remember good old times when in the late 90s this image appears on my very first mailbox.

    It wasn't as cute as any other jokes, but I remember that my conscience was totally agree on that: yes, said I, no one knows and nobody really cares who I am.

    Later on this message from the past is turning to be very dubious. Nowadays I'm convinced on Internet anyone knows that you're dog. Moreover be sure, they know everything about you: how often you bark, how often are you beaten by your host, how many puppies you have. The reason?

  1. Internet still makes you feel safe and carefree (It's better to say careless) about your privacy

  2. ... but becomes extremely effective in searching

    What if someone cares to be aware who you are? I was amazed how much information people can learn about me just googling my name: my profiles in social networks, my articles, publications, connections, out-dated CVs ... I'm not sure that I can memorize all those things better ;)
    How about specialized services to get information about people? Recently I have discovered PIPL.
    Oh cool, here I can type e.g. name of my classmate and find extensive information that he was graduated his college, then was hired by Morgan Stanley, then in one year got fired with some peculiar circumstances ...
Let me try to type my ex-girlfriend name: she's got married in USA and in two years got divorced (I can see it in her CVs). How about my former chief? My German language teacher? My friends? My enemies?
Do I need to know all these things?

    In most cases information is scarce: most of people (fortunately to them) do not have adequate representation in Web. Wait a minute! What if I type my name?
    Woosh! Those people who created PIPL know their job well. And if you get embarrassed with result to the right side you can see proposal to defend your reputation.
    Cool, isn't it? Have you ever though you have public reputation?

    Reputation defender will be happy to track news, messages, comments, suggestions and rumors about you from your lyceum's alumni journal to Forbes and Wall Street Journal in order to defend your reputation.

    Embracing Agile ideas I never think that openness and transparency is bad thing. And now I didn't change my mind. All you need to know is that you're responsible for your representation from the very beginning of your career and you only who cares about your privacy. In XXI century no one can expect that information told to someone or written somewhere will be not exposed to publicity. Whatever it was living journal, facebook or your profile at gay-portal.
    That's shocking, but not as bad as it seems to be at first site. Although many people will suffer from this, in most cases they are just people who are succeed in trying to be better than they are. No mercy to them. In most cases no one need to slander your name and you will have more or less adequate self-portrait in public sources

Have a nice day!